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Tactical training is defined as any sort of training that is designed around a real-world task. That’s our loose and very simplified description of it. Tactical training is the sort of training required by people working in real-life situations where there is a risk of serious injury or death.

This focus of training is vastly different, both physically and psychologically, than training for health or athletic performance. When you train for a sport or for health reasons you can predict the expected demands and plan for them. With real-world work such as law enforcement, military or fire service, there are many more variables and surprising accompanied by increased risk factors.

So often we see police and military training programs that focus on run of the mill fitness and controlled combat training. The technical aspect of the officer’s skills is generally fairly fine-tuned, however when it comes to the crunch and they need to call on their conditioning in the field they are rarely prepared.

The training we encourage at International Tactical Training Union (I.T.T.U.) is centered around tactical training, fitness and psychology. By focusing on the tactical you are better able to deal with situations that invoke unexpected stimuli and emotional responses. This applies primarily to the tasks mentioned such as law enforcement and military, however training this way for all purposes tends to develop a powerful threshold for surprise and adverse situations.